Shingle Tile stonecoated roof

Original price was: $6.16.Current price is: $4.38.

Tile size : 1340mm * 420mm
Installed exposure : 1290mm *370 mm
Installed weight : 2.8kg/sheet
Tiles per sqm : 2.08 sheets

Can you provide sample?
:Yes, sample size 39mm*25mm, 1-3 pcs.
What is your minimium order for shipment
: sample 1-3 picies, purchase order 20sqm ie 40 picies


Colored stone metal roof tile is composed of aluminum- zinc steel sheet( as the substrate), fingerprint resistant coating, colored sand, acrylic resin, acrylic ester.
1)The galvanized steel sheet is made of 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon by hot dipping. Its processability and coating performance are basically the same as those of galvanized steel sheet. The service life is 2-6 times that of ordinary galvanized sheet.
2) The galvanized surface is anti-fingerprint coating, which protects the galvanized layer. At the same time, the anti-fingerprint coating can make the galvanized steel plate and colored sand better bonded. The color is divided into colorless transparent and light green.
3) Sintered colored sand is the decorative layer and base protection layer of metal tiles. It is made of basalt particles with a certain particle size through high-tech coloring process and high-temperature sintering. With more than ten colors, it is resistant to ultraviolet radiation and can reduce the noise caused by rain to metal tiles.
4) Acrylate is the key material for bonding the steel plate and colored sand, and also serves as a protective layer on the surface of the sand to prevent the leakage of rainwater in details and prolong the life of the color of the sand.


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